One month til O-Day

And O in this case refers to operation.

Stop snickering at the back there.

This time next month I will, hopefully, be in recovery after having had the organs that have repeatedly try to kill me since I turned 15 removed.

Unfortunately, they won’t let me watch them burn. This saddens me.

Ah well. Que sera sera.

I’m optimistic about the prognosis. Don’t mistake me, I’m under no illusions that it’s a miracle cure, but it will get rid of a lot of my pain, the root cause of said pain, and eliminate any chance of:

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cervical cancer (which I am apparently at risk for)
  • Endometrial cancer (also at risk for)

Which are all big ticks in the plus column.

It will also (obviously) remove even the slightest chance of another pregnancy, which though I am a little sad about, at least in the abstract, as I am stupidly high risk for ectopic it would be nuts to even think about that again.

Not to mention the hospital bills – which I am currently endeavouring not to think about, since my colposcopy alone was circa $450

Also my own mommy is coming to look after me πŸ’— and by the time she gets here I won’t have seen her in over six months so that’s wonderful.

PS – Mothership, make sure you get your ESTA sorted πŸ’•

Oh look, she has a blog name now πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜˜

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3 thoughts on “One month til O-Day”

  1. Actually, in a few extremely rare instances some women without a uterus did get pregnant, when the embryos somehow attached themselves to the abdominal wall and grew placentas. The babies survived. This gave me an idea: men could grow babies too!!!!

  2. Fliss, you may remember I too suffered with endometriosis- years and years of absolute agony and no chance of pregnancy (which broke my heart, but I eventually came to terms with that, although will always be a great sadness). I was then referred to a no-nonsense, old-style, male gynaecologist who listened to me very carefully and agreed 100% that I urgently required a complete and radical hysterectomy. Every single, useless, pain causing, gynae organ – including the cervix, was removed; I was put on oestrogen only hrt transdermal patches, and I have never looked back or felt so well. That was thirteen and a half years ago now, still on (a lower dose) the hrt and continue to flourish and feel and (according to others) look a lot younger than my now advanced 58 years! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ I did however, return to work just 6 weeks after the op and it quickly became apparent it was far too soon (and I was extremely fit back then), so bear in mind, you will more than likely feel pretty weak for a long time. After 6 months I felt pretty much back to normal, but really, it was a whole year before I had regained my former strength and fitness. I cannot begin to explain just how happy I am for you that you have #1 Son and TT ☺️ and I am also really pleased you are having “the op” – it will give you a whole new, pain-free and happier lease of life xx

    1. Oh Anne I do remember – and hearing that does give me hope.

      Yes my own no-nonsense surgeon man told me to expect a minimum six month recovery time so I’m not planning on job hunting until fully healed 😘

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