Random acts of yarn kindness

Well sort of.

I haven’t really talked much about one of my main keeping sane hobbies – my fibre arts.

That’s actually because most of my most recent projects (“works in progress” or WIPs) have been gifts or surprises so I haven’t really been able to publicise them.

I’m planning on getting back into the dyeing groove in the New Year (I am desperately awaiting my warping board) so I thought I might do a “Look Back on 2017” sort of thing.

At least for those projects now safely with their recipients.

So these are from a Swapalong. The idea is that we all completed a questionnaire stating what we were prepared to make and what we would be happy to receive and in preferred (and not preferred) colours.

As I can really only make shawls yet out of the stated options, I decided to make them a bit more special and one of a kind (OOAK) by dyeing up the yarn myself.

So in the summer came this:

This was a crocheted special and yes it truly was that big.

In the winter came this:

I chose the purple rather than the multiway.

Note: the pastels were caused by using a protein fibre dyeing method on a 50:50 Merino:Cotton blend – 50% protein and 50% cellulose.

This one is knitted, and I had discovered knitting with beads by this point.

Such fun to do 😆

As it was smaller than the first, I popped in a skein of the Wonder Woman sock yarn I covet so.

Both giftees seemed very happy.

In parallel to this, I was working on a much bigger project in 80:20 Alpaca:Silk (such gorgeous yarn to both dye and crochet with).

A friend and former colleague was diagnosed with that bastard cancer and I wanted to help, so I decided to make a “you will kick this thing’s backside” blanket.

This is one I am very proud of.

The darn blanket got stuck in customs, but it found it’s way to her in the end.

I’m finally working on something for myself now – I have a yarn advent calendar with an exclusive pattern 😃👍🏻

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

2 thoughts on “Random acts of yarn kindness”

  1. Wow Fliss!!! Absolutely stunning!!! I can’t wait for you to teach me…… and I thought I could knit!!! Crochet? Pah!!! I don’t think I stand a chance. Have tried over the years and my fingers get confused!!! Still, I’ll give it a yarn (ha ha!!) good go!!! Xxxx

  2. Woah, Fliss, those are totally amazing. My favourite is the blanket for the friend with cancer. You are just so incredibly talented. The portrait of Lola on my lap you cross-stitched for me would be the one ornament I’d save if our house was on fire.

    Would it be safe for me to wear the pussy hat you crocheted for me in the US, or would I be arrested?

    What is the situation concerning Jo’s driving test? Is he going to get a cancellation? Or will he have to wait until January?

    I am looking forward to skyping you all on Christmas day.

    Lots of love and kisses in the meantime.


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