Parent-Teacher Conference

We had our first one for #1 Son last night.

I would be lying if I hadn’t been approaching it with at least a modicum of trepidation.

But honestly? It was amazing.

They have kept such good notes on his progress, both educationally and behaviourally.

He is improving. Slowly, gradually, but it’s visible and it’s there.

Perhaps the most important takeaway?



Honestly? I didn’t think he could. I knew he knew his letters, but stringing them into words (at least at home) is something he apparently couldn’t do. I now know it’s wouldn’t.

Busted kiddo 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

He is getting a lot of 1:1 support with the paras during centres, and when that happens he does well. But at the moment he doesn’t have one of his own and he’s one in a class of twenty. So they are trying, gradually, to scale back and seeing what he can cope with.

Basically it’s data gathering to bolster their bid for extra support for him. That will either start or happen next Tuesday at the Special Education meeting.

I am behind them 100% and fully intend to say so. Apparently having parental agreement and support really helps.

I would walk through fire to get him the help he needs, so let’s hope that the relevant professionals are on the sensible side and that I don’t have to go full on mama bear rage mode on them.

Or worse. Be British at them 😂🤣

His teacher also said that cognitively he is exactly where he needs to be. That he’s smart and funny. That he’s kind hearted. He’s also a perfectionist and sensitive.

She’s a true angel she really is.

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One thought on “Parent-Teacher Conference”

  1. What fantastic news! Your next challenge is to find reading material that can compete with the giant telly for excitement. That way, if he wakes up early, he can keep himself occupied until the rest of the household wakes up. Pity he is too young for Harry Potter.

    Domi sent me a photo of the lovely flowers you had delivered to their house. They were very much appreciated.

    Has the car charger been fixed now?

    Have you arranged to see Shannon and adorable little Emma?

    I had a lovely long chat with your mum last night. George will pop in and collect the draining board before Xmas, so that Neene can bring it to you when she goes to Boston to help out after your op. I am also lending her our Boston guide. Your gift labels were posted yesterday.

    I think you are short-changing your audience: I am sure they would relish a witty account of Thanksgiving, from the point of view of a Briddish lady!

    Have you heard of Trump’s latest outrage, and public humiliation of Theresa May??? I don’t think his state visit will be cancelled, but my guess is that it will be delayed ad infinitum. Shucks! I was planning to attend the anti-Trump demo, and wear the pussy hat you kindly crocheted for me!

    Has the cat forgiven me for taking away my suitcase???

    Love to all of you.


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