Another great day

For #1 Son.

I was more than a little surprised when I read his daily report sheet* yesterday and it was glowing, yet he did not have a REACH star sticker, but I shrugged it off.

But our lovely J handed me one this morning that he must have peeled off of his t-shirt.

So I have recorded it in our “Folder of Awesome”

He has six now, which is one per month, with two scored in October and two already for this month – IN ONE WEEK!!!!

I could just burst with pride and happy. I know we are nowhere near the end of the war, but for now at least, it feels like we are winning.

*His teacher created a daily checklist of his academic centres and puts stickers on the ones he completes. She also writes me a daily report of good and bad – did I mention the woman is a saint?

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5 thoughts on “Another great day”

  1. Very well done #1 son!!! You are a star.

    Another parcel for you turned up yesterday. I assume it is connected to your crafts. These days I am far too lazy to open parcels. So when they ask me at the airport next Friday if I am carrying anything for someone else, I shall lie through my teeth.

    On Monday morning we are going to see the “Harry Potter and the history of magic” at the British Library, and in the afternoon, an art exhibition. Two exhibitions for the price of one train ticket!

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. MY heart bursts that you are getting the support you so obviously need too. Definitely a wise life change for you all. I really don’t think you’d have got such support in main stream over here. Enjoy life!!!

  3. This is what life in a good school district looks like, with a bit of luck. Europeans have a completely binary view of US education. They think that outside Harvard, public education is a disaster. The reality is location, location, location. Education is decentralized and there are enormous disparities between good and bad school districts. You guys just picked a good one. Well done.

    1. All credit to the hus-creature and Gigi – they did the research. We knew we needed good schools as we knew there would be transition issues…

    2. Do you remember when a certain Olivier used to say that public schools in the US are just for the poor? So much water has flown under the bridge since. Mama mia!

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