Tough times

Well that’s a tad melodramatic maybe but when the first day of the school week starts with a call to collect #1 Son at around noon I can’t help but feel stressed.

Fortunately it was merely because he had run off. Again.

Having said that it wasn’t as simple as just leaving the classroom. He had actually managed to vanish and it took them 5 minutes to find him.

That’s when it becomes a safety concern and they want me to collect him and we “try again tomorrow”

I’m tired. So tired.

Today I have to collect him, as our lovely J has a hospital appointment at his school pickup time. Can’t be helped at all and she’s so apologetic god love her but I’m dreading it.

He knows, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve bribed him with the prospect of a treat of some kind on the way home…

But only if he has a good day at school.

Which sounds oh so simple. We have such a low base line these days. But I’m not sure.

And to cap it all, last night he snapped one of my good knitting needles. One that is part of a set.

I cried. I know it was an accident but argh.

So to cheer us up here is TT “waiting for Na-Noo” yesterday

Oh and in the post I received a lovely parcel from a wonderful friend. She used to send myself and my siblings American goodies when we were little.

I opened this and shouted “That was it!!” As I had been reminiscing with her about what she used to send and could not remember the brand for the life of me!!!

It was a lovely welcome to America and a wonderful blast from the past.

Here’s to a better day today.

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4 thoughts on “Tough times”

  1. You guys need a car. It would provide a discrete jump in your quality of life. You can find leases from $200/month.

  2. Poor old you! Such a stupendous change of environment is very stressful for a neurotypical child, and unbearably so for an aspie. Things WILL get better. Domi will be able to share her experiences with you next month, since both her kids are on the spectrum. She is convinced that things will improve, and she talks from experience.


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