Today I feel accomplished 

I am, yet again, breaking away from a huge post to pat myself on the back a bit. For…

Yes, the kitchen is in a state where I consider it habitable

It’s not 100%, as I’m sure we will rearrange cupboards as we go, but I did a big thing and I feel proud. 
Also knackered. 
But mostly proud. 

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

4 thoughts on “Today I feel accomplished ”

  1. Well done Fliss!
    How do you get rid of your cardboard boxes? Are they collected and recycled?

    1. Yes all rubbish and recycling is collected every Tuesday – maximum four bags rubbish but unlimited recycling

  2. We have exactly the same kitchen cabinets. Small world!.
    What kind of bed has Nathan ? A high bunk bed? I am trying to imagine your lovely TT climbing it.
    Bravo Fliss for your blog your beautiful children and your heroic new life in the States.

    1. Yes it’s a really high sleeper bed from IKEA. We cannot take credit for the cupboards as they are the landlords choice 😊

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