School run crisis

May be resolved. 

Today I met with and “interviewed” a lovely fellow SAHM who is looking for part time work and is happy to drive Nathan to school and pick him up. 
I’m going with her on the drop off for at least the first day or so, so that school are fully aware of the new arrangement and to ensure it’s a good fit. 
Both children were very comfortable with her, although TT was extremely put out by her gorgeous five month old son – #1 Son was enchanted however. 

So she received the most important seal of approval – his. 

She’s from the next town over, but her dad lives a mile away from us, and her partner (well I presume so as she referred to him as her children’s dad) works ten minutes away and she drops him off. 

So maybe I have also made a mummy friend? I can but hope. 

Today TT had cake pops and sunglasses:

Daddy took #1 Son for a haircut after school, as it is Picture Day on the 12th!

I also have “pram tan” from 12 miles in a mere 2 days in blazing sun:

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