Today it’s my birthday

So today I turn 35 – the last year where I don’t have to remember that I’m closer to 40 than 30 😂🤣

That doesn’t matter though. It’s 07:05 (at time of composition) and I’ve already been spoiled rotten 💗

These two have given me awesome presents, hand drawn cards, and love.

Hearing TT actually say happy birthday is amazing and adorable.

And after we unwrapped gifts together, #1 Son wandered out to his daddy to say, perfectly spontaneously:

That felt good

I’m not crying. Not. It’s just someone cutting onions in my bedroom. Yes. That’s it.

Gifts from #1 Son:

He picked the film itself as Daddy told him it was my favourite – he’s asked to watch it with me, but I think it’s too scary yet – we watched the first Harry Potter yesterday and he got a little scared by that in places, and I think this one is scarier.

It’s darker at least.

And from TT:

Incidentally, it’s an owl on the card you know 💕💕💕

I have various other presents sent by kind friends and relatives which I am grateful for and proper thanks will be given once I have sorted them out – I needed to wait until #1 Son had left for therapy and school before opening boxes as, you know, his birthday is tomorrow!!!!!

My present from the hus-creature will be assembled tonight 💗

I am blessed today.

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  1. Darling Fliss,

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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