The last week of April

The week itself was pretty much same old same old. Some funny little bits and pieces but nothing worth breaking a whole post about.

However we had a very busy weekend.

Saturday was the hus-creature’s “Bring Spouse and Children to Work” day, mainly to showcase the new office space and available features since the building move last year.

It was 09:00 – 12:00, but knowing our children as we do, we decided to aim to arrive for 11:00 – we figured that available food was likely to be breakfast/brunch food so the kidlets could feast on pastries at ‘snack time’.

Just call her Princess TT
So bloody proud of this kid
What is it they say? Never work with children or animals?
I don’t scrub up too badly do I?

So we arrived close to the end of the festivities, but the kids had fun.  #1 Son made a badge:

TT coloured with markers and played with Lego:

Markers are a little nervewracking

And mad skillz with Lego for a two year old

And while I was occupied with TT, daddy was making badges with #1 Son:

He did that himself. He was so proud!

So that was a good morning. Afternoon? Not so good.

He had another birthday party. This one at a karate class.

It… did not go well.

He could not obey instructions, and did not like the class concept. And therefore spent most of the party like this:

However they toughed it out and there was pizza and cake.

And the best thing ever for the birthday boy:

I mean have you ever seen a level of happiness like that?

However it confirmed to us that #1 Son, at least at the moment, cannot be enrolled in formal classes of any kind. Dammit.

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One thought on “The last week of April”

  1. What a lovely set of photos of the kidlets!
    We are enjoying our second heatwave at the moment, with a bit of winter in between the two. How about you? Do you have nice weather now? When will you be able to take the kids to the beach?
    This week has been totally eventless, after all the worries of last week concerning Chris’s car, which is now OK, and Lola. She ate a bit of a soft toy that got stuck in her intestines, and was admitted to the hospital as an emergency. She got X-rayed every 2 hours and they kept her overnight. In the end, surgery was not required but the bill was still £600, just a few weeks after her £1100 removal of a mammary tumour.
    According to the papers here, there is a real possibility of Tesla going bankrupt, so you really, really need to get a move on with getting back the £1000 they owe you.
    Philippe will have a short holiday in NY soon, but unfortunately Domi and Gary will be in California at the time. He intends to attend the evening reception of Alice’s wedding, so you will be able to catch up.

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