A slight backslide today

Maybe I overdid it. Maybe this is normal. But I feel rotten. My stomach is sore and crampy, and my incision hurts a bit.

I have sent the hus-creature to make me a hot water bottle whilst I hide in bed. He is happy to do this. He has also made me a cup of tea and brushed my hair πŸ’—πŸ’•

He is a lovely man person 😘

Poor old TT has had a bit of a rotten day too. She is severely constipated right now 😰 So the Mothership and I are putting our heads together to find ways of sneaking more fibre into her. I am deeply sympathetic to the poor wee thing.

#1 Son came home with a Valentine he made for me:

I’m not crying – you’re crying.

He’s so proud of it too πŸ’•

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One thought on “A slight backslide today”

  1. Solution for you: rest, rest, rest. Solution for TT: fruit, fruit, fruit (but not bananas).
    I know at this time of year it is difficult to find good quality fruit. I suggest top of the range (hard, tasteless ones would put her off) strawberries, from Wholefoods, at lunchtime, so that she does not need to share them with her brother as they would be hideously expensive, and blueberries as afters for breakfast and supper. Also when she requests a snack of breakfast cereals, fold a blue berries in.

    At the moment potty training should be exclusively for wees. Maybe she pooes in the bath because it alleviates the pain. Remember that some women choose to give birth in a tub of warm water for the same reason!


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