The first party

Yes, today #1 Son went to his first party stateside.

Overall experience? Meh *Gallic shrug*

If he were a standard child it probably would have been fine, but as he’s not? Not as well as I hoped, but better than I feared.

Nanny volunteered to take him, whilst daddy stayed with TT.

I don’t think either volunteer got an easy job there to be fair 😂🤣

He chose his own outfit:

So smart 💕💕💕

Now it was one of these activity based ones – all the children taken into a room to rehearse to put on a play at the end for the grown ups.

Would anyone like to guess how this turned out?!?!


Suffice it to say, they left half an hour before the advertised end time, and Momma has had a G&T and a beer or two to calm her nerves!

Now he did have some measure of fun, but missed the cake (which he’s sore about) and didn’t eat the pizza they were serving. My own thinking is that he was over-stimulated (it was very loud) and felt out of control so he seized on one thing he could control – whether or not he ate.

But it’s ok. I sent a thank you email to the birthday girl’s mother, making it clear he had had fun (maybe I took a little creative licence) because I’m grateful he had the chance to have a normal experience.

Slow and steady. That’s how we roll.

And for cuteness, here is a montage of daddy and childer-beasts taken today

My cup runneth over tonight.

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One thought on “The first party”

  1. What a dilemma! It is very important for his social development to be invited by other children his own age, but aversion to loud noises is one of the most well-known characteristics of autism (MY diagnosis is ADHD with a smattering of autistic traits, and after telling you that I won’t do a disappearance act, like that so-called therapist). Your brave mother did exactly the right thing by taking him home before the end, and you did the right thing by pretending to the birthday girl’s mother that he’d had a great time. When he starts getting more invites you’ll be able to pick and choose, and tactfully decline invitations to the sort of parties he would struggle to cope with.

    Yes, the photos are totally adorable. The kids look so safe and relaxed and contented in their daddy’s arms!

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