Midweek Madness

Well not so much but things have been happening.

In a week my Momma will be here ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

I can’t wait.

She’s coming out to help me recover from the operation, which is about a week and a half away ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

As she has been reading the blog you can’t say she doesn’t know what she’s letting herself in for.

There is a pink metallic marker somewhere in this house minus its lid. TT knows where it is. I do not. Many wall cleanings. Much frustration.

Yesterday I had the fun of handling her and #1 Son from 08:00 – 17:00 without being able to use running water. We had previously been given 24 hours notice of sewer pipe work.

Actually they did finish an hour early, but next time that happens I’m filling my dye pots with clean water as well as my kettle.

It is not pleasant washing your hands with baby wipes all day!

I am laying down the groundwork for my main convalescence project.

Yes, it is a 24-Skein project!!! I’m sure there will be others, but this is a simple crochet pattern that will keep my hands busy without overtaxing my brain too much.

Don’t worry Mothership – we will knit socks etc together.

I had already touched on the upcoming surgery with #1 Son, but as it’s getting closer, I had another talk with him.

Do you know what he said?

Don’t worry mommy. I will look after you. And if you need food or drinks I will bring them to you.

Is someone cutting onions in here? I swear my tiny Grinch heart just grew three sizes. My boy is the sweetest kid ever.

Yes, he discovered Snapchat today – J sent me this.

What else has been happening? Not much new really.

Well, except I now have a SSN card!!!!

I am a legitimate proper (alien) person! Roll on everything. I need to start writing stuff down for my Etsy shop now!

Author: Fliss

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4 thoughts on “Midweek Madness”

  1. STILL no diagnosis from the therapist????

    That photo of Nathan is amazing. Please can you remove the rabbit’s ears and send it again? You could also send it to Gary for the family album.

    What is the 24-skein project? A blanket for an elephant?


    1. Sadly I canโ€™t as itโ€™s not one I took – J sent it to me. No itโ€™s for my bestest friend – should be over twice as big as the last one I did

  2. I loved the photo!!! There will be others our Claude!!!
    7 days Fliss…… stand by for mothership landing!!!! Xxxx

  3. if the blanket is half as gorgeous as the one you did for your friend with cancer, it will be breathtakingly beautiful, and you should enter it in a crafts competition.

    Is the therapist going to discuss with him last Sunday’s vandalism? Has she given you a diagnosis?


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