Medical update

So, yesterday I toddled up to see my Primary Care Physician. Basically my new GP.

He is a lovely man.

He wanted to follow up on my blood pressure.

Which, after a week of medication clocked in at an acceptable 120/82

So yes, the losing weight thing will have to happen, but my headaches are now a thing of the past and I feel so much better overall.

And this was what greeted me on the way:

So that wasn’t as pretty as I’d hoped but then this:

Real icicles. Everywhere. They are just beautiful.

I’m really loving winter here so far.

I have no doubt that by the time spring comes around again I’ll be desperate for it, but I’m enjoying this at the moment.

And, in the most exciting news

My hysterectomy has been provisionally booked!!!!!

Yes ladies and gents, Monday 5th Feb is D-Day and I. Cannot. Wait.

Tomorrow I should have it confirmed. Please let it not be cancelled.

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3 thoughts on “Medical update”

  1. A date at long last. Hurray!

    As soon as the date is confirmed, your mother can investigate flights. Will she fly from Heathrow?

    Jo should help her with her ESTA, so that she is not ensnared by one of the many parasitic sites. It happened to poor Odile, who lost $75.

    Has son #1’s IEP started yet? What extra help does he receive?

    Will TT have a party for her birthday?

    Today’s agility class has been cancelled on account of the snow. I have not told Lola yet.


      1. Neene, this link is meant for you, so that you don’t fall victim to a parasitic site like my sister did. Don’t get your ESTA early: they are valid for 2 years and you might want to enjoy a skiing holiday in the USA in January 2020.

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