School Update

Well since I’ve ranted here, I feel I should also twirl with excitement.

We are seeing improvements!!!!!!

He’s had over a week of decent days, and at least one excellent one. Two that his teacher has termed awesome.

  • He has done work.
  • He has used words when upset.
  • He has told a teacher before leaving the classroom


  • He is leaving the classroom less


I could just burst with pride I really could.

He’s also undertaking homework with me with minimal fuss and getting it done.

I am so proud of my boy.

Here is his school picture, which is, quite frankly, his best ever:

Oh, and he wrote a book today at school (Well he illustrated it and dictated the words to his teacher, who was his willing transcriber) and wanted us to read it to him at bedtime.

We of course obliged.


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One thought on “School Update”

  1. Awesome news! Awesome photo!

    He seems to have overcome the trauma of all the big changes. Let’s hope he won’t have half-term holidays soon, as they always set him back in the past.

    As for the photo, I have asked Odile to use it for the family tree she will be making for our dad’s 90th birthday. In the previous family tree, which Odile created for his 80th birthday, he had just the one grandchild. The number has gone up to 5! I don’t suppose you could get the photographer to take a nice picture of TT?

    Any hope of being able to see that book he made at school?


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