The remainder of our week

So, it didn’t start out very well. But, #1 son improved tremendously by the end.

This was his journal entry from his teacher I was ecstatic.

He has actively engaged with school work which is a miracle!!!

Today is a public holiday (Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day) and we were going to go to the zoo, but the weather is awful for that, so after TT wakes up from her nap, we will head off to Lego Land instead.

It’s a fun couple of hours for both kids.

TT? Meh, not so good. She managed to destroy a treasured memory from our very first trip to Paris, but the hus-creature believes he can arrange for a restoration.

She also trapped her foot in a tight metal space, is hitting a lot, and just generally working my last nerves.

Her speech has come on amazingly, and she can get her own trousers on, so it’s probably a leap, coupled with boundary pushing Terrible Two-ness.

Butter wouldn’t melt right?

I have signed up for a two-day class on learning magic loop and sock knitting which I am so looking forward to.

$65 bucks for 4 hours 1:1 with other local yarny folks? Bargain!

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2 thoughts on “The remainder of our week”

  1. Wow! What an AMAZING school journal entry for #1 son! My sisters said things would get better!
    And what an adorable photo of TT!
    I hope you enjoy your course, and that you send us photos of your creations.
    I had a brilliant birthday, with relatives from America, France, Liverpool and London. You are not the only ones who spoiled me rotten: Philippe got me scrumptious M & S chocolates, PLUS beautiful flowers, PLUS a gorgeous acacia chopping board in the shape of a cow he bought in Thailand, PLUS a card! He was also very generous with your kids, I remember. And Neene sent me a really fab hand-made card.
    There were 9 of us at the lunch table, and at long last the two Oliv/er/iers met. Also Alice & Laura met for the first time. She is even more p***ed off about Brexit than you are, and would also like to leave the UK.
    Annoyingly, Olivier left with your bag of goodies yesterday, and today the postman brought a bag with several of your craft mags. Never mind.


  2. So I wasn’t around to watch Claude as a toddler but somehow watching TT’s beautiful and mischievous eyes makes me think about Claude at the same age…

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