The week so far

Has been… testing.

Yesterday was an okay-ish day at school for #1 Son, but the afternoon and evening at home with me were not.


We had a disagreement which escalated through miscommunication (and a hefty dose of TT distraction) and ended with him hiding and having a full meltdown.

It was hard and painful and upsetting for us both.  I ended up sobbing (but I made darn sure he did not see – he doesn’t need that on top of everything else)

It’s hard when your baby tells you he doesn’t want to love you anymore.

Today, not great at school (I now get emails from his teacher when she feels an update warranted).  We have however received notification of the first meeting (I’m not optimistic enough to believe it will be the only one) of Special Educational Need provision – 05 December.

That seems a long time away, but it does give us time to see the doctors and get that side of the process going too.

I finished his room:

Well mostly, the remaining boxes contain games, DVDs or garage stuff so won’t be unpacked until our final storage solutions are in place.  But not bad for a day’s work.

They are capable of playing with each other without killing each other occasionally:

Sadly, the idea of putting TT into nursery one day a week has had to be put on hold for the foreseeable.


The only practical nursery setting a. only allows for a minimum 2 days per week and b. is fully booked and has a waiting list stretching to next summer! 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

While this is incredibly disheartening, it also gives me an idea of our realistic options, so I plan to get her on the waiting list as soon as my work permit is granted.

I won’t be looking for a job until #1 Son is more settled. I cannot add more stress to him right now and that level of change could be disastrous for him at themoment.

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2 thoughts on “The week so far”

  1. Hi Fliss,

    You must not take it to heart if #1 son says he does not want to love you anymore. He may hate you today, but he will adore you tomorrow. If he says it again, just tell him it is a very unkind thing to say and send him to his room to calm down.

    You have done a great job with his bedroom. Does he like it? It is nice to see that lovely rug Domi gave you.

    How disappointing that the nursery is full! In your shoes I would put TT on the waiting list right now, even though you are not working. Doing voluntary work (of the interesting kind) twice a week would do you a world of good. And if you are not paid, you can pick and choose your hours, to fit in with school hours. Also it looks good on a CV. And it would do TT good to socialise with other toddlers.

    I hope your day today was better than yesterday.


  2. I’d second that. For Nathan you are the world, he is going to throw the occasional tantrum, but it will have no impact on his undying love for you! 😰😢😢😥🙁🙁☺️😇
    The room looks great. Glad the carpet is still holding out!

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