You wait a week for a blog post…

Then three come along at once!!!


But The Great Toy Unpacking ™, though unfinished, has gone so well, that I felt it deserves a post of its own!

Yes that is the Tiny Tyrant’s room!!

It has space to play, room for her stuff, and it’s been hoovered!

It won’t last, I give it 24 hours maximum, but stuff has a place now.

So that is two whole rooms officially cleared and sorted!

(Well the bathrooms are mostly done too, but no-one wants to see that).

Sadly the kitchen is currently a bomb site of empty cardboard boxes due to the aforementioned unpacking, and with recent rain our basement is a bitty bit damp so they will probably stay there a while.

I’m still happy. Exhausted. But happy.

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

4 thoughts on “You wait a week for a blog post…”

  1. Well done you! TT must be so pleased to have her own bedroom, with space to play! And her brother must be even happier that she has her own bedroom at long last. The bedroom cannot compete with the one the hus creature created for his son in Banbury, but I expect the landlords prefer the muted colours.

    Where will the cat play once all the boxes have gone?


  2. I don’t know how to post a comment on the blog…
    The bedroom is beautiful! Congratulations for the hard work done. You fully have the right to be proud of you, it must have been exhausting to handle the children, cooking ..everything and unpack, organize your new life abroad and all the millions things to do at home.
    Probably you already know that In order to build “a good credit record” you need to buy and pay “credit ” with your card (instead of debit ) and think each month to pay the credit card bill strictly on the due date and it should be enough (but after a few long months only, that’s bad.)
    We spent a few days at your inlaws it was great .

    1. Hi Marguerite – you are doing fine posting comments 👍🏻

      Jo has a credit card now (an unsecured low limit one but it is a credit card) and as it’s on the joint account we are hoping it will help both of us – as I have no income of my own getting my own is not easy.

      We are very glad you had such a good time, and I hope some of TT’s outgrown clothes prove useful 💕

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