Sunday’s efforts

So. Yesterday was a bit more productive for both teams. However the poor hus-creature feels like he got nothing done. Despite more and more boxes being flattened. 

There’s 180 of the buggers

Therefore, I feel he should be less hard on himself. 

Sadly, after he had signed off on the crate delivery he found this:

Yes it has been smashed. Fortunately (🙄) it was only a cheap one so to the mall went he. 

The new tv purchased on Saturday is where it was intended to be, in our room. 

In the mall he discovered a taste of home for TT, which is a useful thing to remember for the next time she gets sick.

So, although we do not yet have a “main” tv this one works and so whilst unpacking we can ensconce the kidlets here:

We now own a shower curtain, which means we may now bathe.

Why the second new telly cannot yet be installed:

Amidst the unpacking, he discovered that my keep flat at all times for the love of GOD quilting cutting mats had… not been…
So to mitigate my presupposed fury (he wasn’t too wrong there) I was sent this picture:

With assurances that they would be flattened toute suite
And as you can see, he has his priorities in order 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Sadly as yet, our gorgeous new pillows have not surfaced (we suspect they are in one of the boxes marked garage) but look, isn’t it beautiful. 

And whilst he was doing this, I was entertaining the sprogs and packing things up into yet more bags and boxes ready for today’s final move. 

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