Shopping with children

Needs banning. Or needs experience points and levelling up options to make it bearable. 
And honestly? #1 Son was an angel comparatively and Tiny Tyrant wasn’t a total monster type creature. 
He is now kitted out for school for a while. Multiple long sleeved tops, a few new trousers and a new pair of trainers. With. Laces. 
That isn’t going to be a massive problem or anything. 

He saw these and fell in love. Me, not being a total bloody idiot, tried to persuade him to have the black/purple/rainbow ones in non-Adidas. 
It turns out the poor boy has inherited my wide feet.  
They were agonising to him. Another mom told me Adidas were the only ones that helped her wide-footed offspring. 
I couldn’t say no could I? So again, not having come down in the last shower, I asked the sales woman for tips to keep them from being immediately destroyed. 
She sold me some protective spray (and two coats have already been applied) and some cleaning fluid. Who knows how long it will last? But at least I know I made an effort. 
TT missed her usual nap (between 10-11 go down time) and cat-napped for about 20 minutes in the buggy. This was a first. 
Unfortunately it backfired on us spectacularly and she refused an afternoon nap. 
Which meant a completely irrational and inconsolable toddler from roughly 16:30 until bedtime. 

Ended up giving her an emergency calm down bath at 18:15 to chill her the heck out. 

And it’s been over a fortnight since she went on hunger strike. She won’t eat anything that’s not a breakfast waffle or soggy Froot Loops.  Her solid nappies are not. And are green. So I got desperate. 
Normally at weekends I leave the evening meal to daddy. But tonight I took over and created the only goddamned thing that she will eat. 
Which led to the following musing. 
Before I became a parent, I *swore* my children would eat healthy. That junk food would be an *occasional* treat. 

That we would cook for them. 


So I managed to make their baby food. That was it. 
With one child neophobic (thanks autism) and one child on full out hunger strike (thanks teeth) I am making Kraft (box) mac and cheese with added cream cheese and full fat milk. And I’m doing a massive dance that BOTH children ate half a portion each. 

I’m inwardly cringing at how bland and cardboardy it tastes but it’s food.

And my back has given out again. Imma gonna eat dinner, watch Game of Thrones and knit test swatches. 

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

5 thoughts on “Shopping with children”

  1. I keep telling you that your children are gorgeous but they are. I see a lot of Claude’s mischievousness in the eyes of TT. On feet/shoes I also have wide feet… I just bought winter boots super comfy for large feet and reasonably good looking “Blundstone”. They are not lined so you would need to buy a size larger to put winter socks. winter by the way is coming 😱😨😰🀧😎 and one thing you really need to do is to invest in clothes for the Boston winters, as cold as they get in New England but snowier. I strongly recommend feather coats for mom and dad, it doesn’t have to be Canadian Goose but it has to be v warm. For the kiddies you also need warmth but quality is not as important as they will grow out of them.

    1. Thanks Domi – we’ve been wondering about when we need to do it. It’s why we’ve not yet bought too much as summer is still the fashion trend. They both run “warm” (get it from their dad) but even N will need a warm coat before November

      1. Sorry Fliss, this has nothing to do with shopping with children, but there is a huge range of Aquafresh toothpaste, and we are to bring you some, we’d rather buy your favourite type. Which one do you prefer?

        Today was allegedly the warmest August bank holiday on record! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, but afterwards the weather will deteriorate. I am quite concerned about our holiday in Ireland (we are going on Sunday). We chose the holiday especially to visit the Giant’s Causeway, but if it rain it might be dangerously slippery.

        Is your back better?


        1. I’ve always preferred the simple basic blue boxed one with no frills

          Back is improving. Weather here is gradually cooling

          Enjoy Ireland xxx

  2. There is time for buying winter gear still. I mentioned it because Gary and I didn’t think much of winter when we came back to the US and our first winter was unusually mild. The second one was the real thing…. One sports place that has its own brand that is good value is REI, a coop you can become members and get some money back every year.
    I meant to tell you #1 son has excellent taste. I would have picked up the adidas sneakers too.

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