A month here

Seems like only a couple of days, but my calendar informs me it has been a month. 
In the household admin column I have today ticked off: Contact Melrose School’s Superintendent for #1 Son. 
We have an appointment tomorrow. 
When I listed all the paperwork I had gathered and asked if there was anything else we needed, I was told I had been very thorough. 
*pats self on back*
Today the building threw a Sangria and Tapas party (for an hour) which I was dispatched to for R&R. 
I took my current knitting project, intending to use it to strike up conversation. It worked – but only with young children 😂🤣
TT has drawn on the walks again but it is no longer coming off 🙄😩
I have finally reached new episodes of GoT and I have a crochet hook blister (whhhhhhhhhhhhy?!?!?) so I am going to bed. 

Author: Fliss

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