A new hurdle crossed 

I took the kidlets to the park by myself. 

We crossed many busy roads (all right two). It was hot, the kids were cranky, but we did it

The Tiny Tyrant made a friend – a much older girl (I’d say around 10-12) who was totally captivated, and helped her on all the big slides:

We’ve had a mixed bag of a day with #1 Son who decided he did not wish to dress himself today and as such went into full oppositional defiance mode. Refused to talk or interact, except to inform me that “I will never be good again”
He was sent to the bathroom to be quiet and calm (no toys or other fun distraction) and after 30-60 minutes (I had washing in the machine so was able to keep an eye without appearing to) he was ready to talk and apologise and explain. 
I didn’t get anything out of him other than “I didn’t like changing my clothes today” but he was back to his usual self after. 
Autism is a strange beast.
This is how we ended the day, as he asked to snuggle with us in our bed after TT was down for the night. 

Moments like this make the hard ones worthwhile. He’s a good boy at heart, and I wouldn’t change him for worlds. 

And I didn’t lose my cool either – so I’m feeling quite proud of my day. 

Hus-creature also earned massive brownie points by sending me up to the sky deck 18:00-19:00 to attend the complex’ wine tasting party (which was 1 bottle of each colour but hey, free wine) and I actually socialised with the neighbours – including a nice lady from the same floor

Not much new occurred yesterday beyond father-children bonding over video games:

No TT isn’t actually playing, but she thought she was, which kept everyone sane. 
My beads haven’t arrived yet dammit. 

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