Stroller shopping – we caved

The Tiny Tyrant’s cough was so bad last night that she was sick. In our bed. A lot. 
So I spent most of this morning trying to wash a duvet that ought to fit in the damn washing machine  but doesn’t. 
The cover is dry but the duvet itself is hanging over the shower to drip-dry. And Housekeeping came today so no fresh duvet cover for us darn it. But I have gotten it clean so it could be worse. 
By 2pm the kids had major cabin fever so we thought we’d brave another trip to the mall…

Within ten minutes we decided that we cannot work without a stroller anymore. 

£21 later and we have the world’s most awful yet functional stroller.  The Tiny Tyrant was, surprisingly, very, keen to use it – guess she’s fed up of walking everywhere!

 I finally got to spend a little time in Bath & Body Works (too easy to spend money in there!) and Teavana. 
I have officially joined the ranks of pretentious herbal infusion drinkers:

Amusingly however so has the Tiny Tyrant 😂🤣😂🤣😂
She nommed up all the samples in the shop. Sadly #1 Son was not so keen, so can’t sneak extra fluids into him this way!
The Piña Colada flavour is not my scene, but the hus-creature likes it, so we will drink it first then try the others (2 out of the 4 were tried and liked in the shop so it’s not so bad). 
The Tiny Tyrant also does not approve of this flavour – she’s more of a Strawberry Daiquiri girl 👍🏻

I got a picture with both kids!!! 


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